Dun Agro, a progressive-thinking, housing company from the Netherlands has created an assembled pre-fab house made from hempcrete; a material that is made from cannabis. That’s right!

Cannabis, among numerous other uses known to us all, has extremely tough fibers which this company molds into the material hempcrete. They make it by pressing the fibers, water, and glue and letting the mix dry for three months.

Then this material is used to create parts of a house that can be assembled like furniture from IKEA. The resultant houses take only a part of the time houses of that size generally take to be made and they are more durable and earthquake-resistant.

The Netherlands has always had a liberal attitude towards things like hemp and cannabis and also hash, as we all remember from the film Pulp Fiction. Anyway, currently, 1100 hectares of land are under hemp cultivation, thanks to its status as a very profitable crop.

As a matter of fact, Colorado State collected some $247m of taxes resulting directly from hemp and weed production.

The company, Dun Agro, advertises this housing method as a more environmentally friendly option. They cite the carbon cycle as their USP.

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